Heal Your Environment, Heal Yourself

There are three primary triggers for bipolar DNA to engage and alter our body chemistry. First, we must inherit the bipolar genes. Second, bipolar onsets are enabled by hormones changes, or other body chemistry upsets. Third, the stresses in our environment can and will trigger bipolar mood swings.

Environmental stress in today’s society is a given. No one is without pressure. Jobs, families, social situations, health and money conditions present stress to our body. Eliminate the stresses and you will alleviate bipolar symptoms. This is much easier said than done.

Recognizing stress to our bodies AND recognizing the source can be difficult because as humans we get conditioned to our environment. We fall into habits, routines, and patterns that can create discomfort to our lives. By choice and circumstance we allow ourselves to become entrenched in the dynamics of a social dance inside our relationships. Unhealthy relationships are caustic to us bipolar folks.

Most people with bipolar are typically hyper sensitive to their environments. When social situations pit you against your intuition and better judgment it causes stress. An unhealthy relationship can be one that stagnates growth and awareness; one that is void of empathy and understanding; one that triangulates you against others; or one that uses a bipolar diagnosis against you. Relationship challenges come in all shapes and sizes. If the paradigm becomes crippling to you, your health, and your bipolar is in constant turmoil, it maybe time for a complete change.

Only you knows whats good for your health. Taking a good long look at uncomfortable patterns and how these shape your bipolar mood swings is the first step towards awareness. Next, if you have taken action to heal or change your partnership with another and these attempts have failed, a reassessment is in order.

Healing relationships starts with you. There are a number of ways to good health for your body and your mind. Counseling, mediation, honest reciprocal communication, along with healthy eating habits and exercise all help heal. But, if the stress is unending, you will need to take the initiative to step away.

Environments can help cure, or they can kill. Make your choice a conscious one.

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Bipolar + Estrangement = A Helping Hand 4 YOU !

Bipolar is difficult enough on a family. The disease can erode and devastate relationships. A person’s bipolar can become the scapegoat and a biased culprit. In extreme cases, victims may succumb to separation, divorce, and family estrangement.

Bipolar, or not, Estrangement is one of the largest growing segments known as the “Silent Epidemic”. If you have been touched by this rather new anomaly these books are slated for you!

30 Years to 30 Days

30 Years to 30 Days: Seeds of Estrangement sends the strong message that learned behaviors predisposes us to a destiny foretold. Learn how bipolar played the scapegoat to the demise of a 32 year marriage and began an ongoing family estrangement.

Estranged: Coping Strategies

Estranged: Coping Strategies for (Grand) Parents is a collection of healing truths. This guide helps you navigate difficult times. This book provides solid tools for coping and recovery, and puts life back into perspective to take care of yourself first.

The Estrangement Arrangement

The Estrangement Arrangement: Twisted Lessons in Love puts one family’s very public performance on the spot to help others heed their lessons and learn. This book continues to share healing strategies and stresses that our choices have significant consequences and impact to others.

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Awakenings = Kundalini and Bipolar

Those who have had a full Kundalini awakening or Shamanism, experience what Bipolar folks live. The bodily effects and functions of both are astoundingly similar.

People seek out yoga, meditation, spiritual masters and more to help “open” their dormant spiritual energy that dwells within. For Bipolars attaining this energetic state comes natural. If one is skilled, this energy can be harnessed and mastered. Retaining the correct frequency of dynamic productivity is truly an art form. It is one that can be honed and cultivated.

We are at our basic level > vibration, and thus essentially energy. We can by nature’s design- or our own discipline tap our inner resources. And what we do with it can be awe-inspiring.

Awakening to a mystical experience can be frightening. If the onset is spontaneous, you may have little preparation for what to expect. Symptoms can parallel Bipolar characteristics. Please educate yourself to the attributes that accompany having both Bipolar Disorder and/or a spiritual awakening. The sensations maybe confusing as both carry incredibly related patterns.

How do you know if you are Bipolar vs. having a spontaneous awakening? Get educated. Read. Talk to others. Seek professional help if you are dealing with serious side effects. The answer lies within each person alone. Learn to listen closely to your body. There are subtle physiological and natural messages that will help guide you. Diligence is key to finding answers.

For those who are NOT Bipolar and wish to tamper with nirvana, I warn this >> be careful what you ask for.

SEE this insightful YOUTUBE video The Kundalini of Bipolar Disorder


Buy the Best > Buy Generic

Are pills the answer to healing and a normal existence? The pharmaceutical companies would say YES. In fact they would just as soon have every living, breathing human take as many pills as they could consume. This way those pills factories can keep racking up the big bucks. Did you know if you went to the factories over in India, you can get most pills for pennies each? It’s true. Call them!

Use common sense and moderation when taking your pills. For most Bipolar folks medication is a life long commitment. Over the life of your body your meds are bound to change. The best advice is to eat healthy and maintain a lifestyle with exercise and balanced choices which will eliminate unnecessary pills. BP pills are a given. And the good news is many come in the generic form – just ask your pharmacist. If you take Lithium which is a most common prescription for bipolar, ask for the generic brand. Most places a moderate supply is just $4/month! That is a huge savings.

Generic brands are the same as their patented counterparts only the patent has run out allowing the meds to be sold as generic. Here are some articles to ponder while you shop:

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Today’s Lesson? Buy Generic!